The BioKMT society is a part of The KMT foundation for science and philosophy an endeavour that aims at reviving Egypt's scientific excellence.


BioKMT Research network

The BioKMT Research network is an annual event that is organized by BioKMT that aims at bringing Egypt's bright minds together to discuss advances in Science, science policy, funding opportunities and strategies to drive the momentum of scientific excellence in Middle East and Africa. The BioKMT Research network is one of MENA's prestigious science gathering and is often organized in collaboration with other NGOs or foundations. The BioKMT research networks connect Egypt's research scientists with funding bodies and policy makers

Science communication

Science communication is one of the main tracks that BioKMT pioneer in. The Strategy of BioKMT's science communication is inspired by the great Moustafa Mousharrafa. The BioKMT powered several events about the advances in biological sciences and emerging technologies that are free of charge and open to the public. Knowing no limits to its outreach, BioKMT collaborated with Tahrir Academy developing a course material of the uses of ancient DNA and molecular biology in Egyptology.  

BioKMT Scholars' fund

BioKMT Scholars' fund (BSF) is a short term fund awarded to Egyptian or Arab Master's degree or PhD students who are doing their research in Egypt. BSF proud itself not only of being Egypt's first scholars fund that is initiated and run by Egyptian scholars but also of its sophisticated transperant reviewing system. BioKMT thought for the first time in short grants applications to provide scientific or technical consultancy whenever needed. The consultants are Egyptians who are working in the world leading insitutes from every part of the world.

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