BioKMT milestones and previous activities:

  • In October 9th 2008, BioKMT was launched as a virtual group on the facebook.
  • In January 2009, the first meeting of the founding members was held 
  • During the period February -to- May 2010, BioKMT sessions were held at the British council premises as an agreement between The British Council Science Department and The BioKMT Society. 
  • On August 8th 2010, The BioKMT society organized a one-day Symposium in Cairo University on stem cells research under the theme of “Stem cells research: applications between business and ethics”
  • In October 2010, The BioKMT society organized several meetings within the frame of the journal club activity.  
  •  In September 2011, and to celebrate the Egyptian Revolution, The BioKMT society organized its second meeting at El- Sawy Cultural wheel: "Egypt from Al Tahrir to Renaissance, A perspective on the Egyptian Scientific project". 
  •  In October 2011, The BioKMT society resumed the journal club activities
  • In February 2012, The BioKMT society launched the first (to the best of our knowledge) scholars' fund managed by BioKMT scientific and administrative committee as a way to support young research scholars
  • In July 2012, The BioKMT society organized a third meeting on the Advances in Biological Sciences "Egypt from Al Tahrir to Renaissance II"
  • In September 2012, The BioKMT society launched the " Inspire and be Inspired "(name yet not confirmed) Initiative
  • In Novemeber 2012, The BioKMT society launched their website,
  • In March 2013, The BioKMT society opened the call for the 2nd  BioKMT scholars Fund under the name of Omar the sweetpotato boy ( the story of the name is based on an unspeakable event in which Omar a sweetpotato selling boy, who dreamed of studying and get educated at school was accidently shot by one of the army soldiers)
  • In July 2013, The BioKMT society organized the 4th BioKMT meeting on the Advances in Biological Sciences in which more than 7 Egyptian Research scholars comes from the world leading institutions in US, UK, Germany and France to talk about their research in a more interactive form of seminars. (read more)
  • In December 2013, The BioKMT society launched the Nerds' Hangout, a form of casual talks given by research scholars simplifying their work and highlighting its significance. The Nerds' Hangout talks are designed to be open to the public. 
  • In March 2014, The BioKMT society opened the call for the 3rd BioKMT Scholars Fund.
  • In July 2014, The 3rd BioKMT scholars fund was awarded to Eman El-Wakeel, PhD Student, research titled Role of Mitochondrial Respiration in Lineage Fate Determination of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Mohammed Hammdi, MSc student with research proposal titled Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Memory Formation. Both Students are from Zewail City of Science and Technology (read more)
  • In January 2015, The BioKMT society organized its first research network  

(read more)


  • In December 2015, The BioKMT society organized its second research network. For the first time in Egypt, an independent society managed to bring Professors, Post Docs and Researchers along with Policy makers and funding bodies. The event was organized and powered by BioKMT and Cancer research Egypt






In Heiroglyphics, the sign Per (incomplete rectangular shape) used to refer to a place or a house. Hence, the word Pharaoh was originated from “Per-3a” meaning the big house. Egyptian considered the library or as they called it “Per-Ankh” as the house of life. Because to them knowledge is the key of life is through understanding the world we live in. The conceptual design of our logo is simply adding a DNA double helix to Per Ankh symbolising our stand as the house of biological sciences research. 

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