The 4th BioKMT meeting 27th of July 2013, Cairo

For more than 3 years now and the BioKMT has been organizing an annual meeting on the advances in Biological sciences. The aim of these meetings is to bring/gather Egyptian Scholars who are doing their research in top leading institutes to come and talk about their work , personal and professional experience and set guidelines on from where to start developing Egypt scientifically.

This year we are honored to have 9 Egyptian Scholars addressing a wide spectrum work in Biological sciences.Regardless of what Egypt is witnessing in terms of political split.We all agreed to work together to deliver a message that whatever can divide us... Science and passion of knowledge can bring us all together. 

Speakers List :

1- Dr.Islam Hussein , Researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) "Avian influenza - a global problem in need for a global solution"
2- Mostafa Nashaat , Research Assistant Max plank institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg" The Quest for Reality: How our brains construct the world we perceive?"
3- Aly Shams Al Deen , PhD Scholar , University of Montpelier "The role of IL-22 in prevention of HIV-2"
4- Mina Elisha , PhD scholar , University of Oxford "Modern Advances in Cancer Gene-therapy"
5- Motaz Elewa , MSc from University of Frieburg and founder of Qafeer labs.
6- Sherif Abouelhadid, Research Assistant /PhD scholar , London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine "Deciphering Bacteria Glycosylation systems and Development of Conjugate Vaccines"
7- Rama Saad , Vanderbilt University Medical Center/The American University in Cairo (MSc) “Cancer Biomarkers: Significance and Implications.” 
8- Dr.Naglaa Abu-Mandil , National Research Centre/University of Manchester (PhD).“ How bio-molecular technologies can help to unravel mysterious questions about ancient populations' history.”
9-Rehab Abdallah , American University in Cairo “Exploring the Red Sea Water: Novel Bacterial Lineages and More”


Place: Learning Resources Centre, Kasr Al Ainy , Cairo University
Admission is free. 

Registration form must be filled. 

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In Heiroglyphics, the sign Per (incomplete rectangular shape) used to refer to a place or a house. Hence, the word Pharaoh was originated from “Per-3a” meaning the big house. Egyptian considered the library or as they called it “Per-Ankh” as the house of life. Because to them knowledge is the key of life is through understanding the world we live in. The conceptual design of our logo is simply adding a DNA double helix to Per Ankh symbolising our stand as the house of biological sciences research. 

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