The BioKMT society organises a wide spectrum of science events. Each event aims at proposing a remedy for a certian defect in the Biological science community in Egypt. Whether through providing funds for Egyptian students in Egypt to support them in their work, or through bringing policy makers, funding bodies, decision makers, research scientists all together under one roof to discuss the means to develop biological sciences research in Egypt. 


The BioKMT society prouds itself of being the first independent society led entirely by a majority of Egyptian PhD students inside and outside Egypt, who believe that our power is in our minds. Facing the tides and going against all odds, the BioKMT thrived as one of Egypt's promising initiatives that many research scientists are gravitated to. The BioKMT members and BioKMT network are renowned of working in leading institutes and producing top quality research. To become a member, one has to take an oath that bringing knowledge and know-how back to Egypt is and will be one's priority. 


In Heiroglyphics, the sign Per (incomplete rectangular shape) used to refer to a place or a house. Hence, the word Pharaoh was originated from “Per-3a” meaning the big house. Egyptian considered the library or as they called it “Per-Ankh” as the house of life. Because to them knowledge is the key of life is through understanding the world we live in. The conceptual design of our logo is simply adding a DNA double helix to Per Ankh symbolising our stand as the house of biological sciences research. 

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