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What is BioKMT?


The name "BioKMT" was inspired by the ancient Egyptian history and the struggle of the Egyptians towards prosperity and development. Bio stands for biology and KMT stands for the black land covered with the Nile's clay "Egypt





The BioKMT society aims at revolutionizing the science and philosophy education in MENA and Africa. Believing in the multidisciplinary nature of biological sciences and the dire need for adequate philosophy teachings, the BioKMT society long term plan is to function as a hub bringing not only Egypt’s but the world’s greatest minds together in one place to work side by side in driving the machinery of the understanding of various biological systems. Inspired by the Royal Ancient Library of Alexandria, the BioKMT society endeavor is to be the new knowledge lighthouse and leading Institute where what really matters is the creation of ideas through experimental research.


Conceptual Design

In Heiroglyphics, the sign Per (depicted as an incomplete rectangular shape) used to refer to a house. Hence, the word "Per-3a" , from which the word Pharaoh is originated means the big house.
Egyptians considered the library or a temple, places where nature is studied and science is taught, as the house of life, "Per-Ankh". For no other place you can enjoy life and celebrate every breath more than studying nature. Our conecptual design of our logo brings back ancient Egyptian traditional idea, celebrating life through studying nature, and a modern breakthrough that changed our understanding of biology, solving the DNA superhelical strucutre. Thus, bringing ancient philosophy into a modern era to improve our understanding of the world we live in.
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