The BioKMT has been featured in several articles and T.V programes. Here are some of the selected articles about the BioKMT 



"Other organisations have also formed over the years in response to the many challenges faced by higher education in Egypt, including Biokmt ('black land' in hieroglyphics, the ancient Egyptian language), which works to improve the status of scientists and support research."  Feb.2011, University World News


"Strongly believing in the ability and perseverance of the Egyptian scholar, a group of young Egyptian scientists, mostly specializing in biosciences, are taking up the challenge, stressing the need to improve the status of the Egyptian scientist and support Egyptian scientific research." December 2010, Community Times  


"A symposium titled ‘Stem Cells Research: Applications between Business and Ethics’  was staged early August at Cairo University in an attempt to establish a perspective about the issue. Organized by ‘Biokmt’, a scientific community made up of young scientists and science students, the symposium brought together a big number of speakers including medical specialists and science professors as well as world experts who highlighted different aspects of stem cells research." October 2010, Community times 

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