The BioKMT society is the biological sciences arm of Per-Ankh foundation for science and philosophy (house of life), an endeavour that aims at reviving scientific excellence in Middle East and North Africa.


BioKMT in brief:


15 years of science activities 

29 events 

50+ speakers 

2000+ attendees  

5 researchers received BioKMT Scholars Fund (BSF)

70K+ views to our videos and science content. 

7 main media coverage 

4 opinion articles 

2 International Collaborations 

3 National Collaboarations







May 2024

We will announce the second half of 2024 science activities plan. The plan will include science podcast, BioKMT journal club, and the BioKMT research network for 2023.....stay tuned


December 2023


BioKMT organised its 10th BioKMT research netwok, BRN, entitled "Biotechnology: effective solutions for major sustainable development challenges". The 10th BRN marks a new leadership under Dr Nahla Hussein as the chair of the BRN. Speakers from 4 countries, 5 research institutes came together to discuss how Biotech could provide solutions for major obstacles facing our region.



The BioKMT Research Network (BRN) is an annual event that is organised by BioKMT that aims at bringing bright minds in the Middle East and Africa together to discuss advances in biological sciences worldwide. Fundamentally, BRN discusses what biological sciences hold for the future of the region. Additionally, BRN tackles challenges that are obstracting the quantum leap of biological sciences in the region and what are the strategies to drive the momentum of scientific excellence in the MENA. The BRN is one of MENA's prestigious science gatherings that uniquely brings together scientists, policy makers, funding bodies, decision makers, and science journalists. 




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