In the last two decades, the MENA region witnessed drastic changes of all sorts. These changes brought new ideas back to life. Ideas that propelled the MENA region and Africa's development to become key players in the biological sciences field.


Being at the heart of these changes, the BioKMT developed a work programme to accerlate the development of biological sciences in the region. Our programme covers a broad spectrum of science activities. There are three pillars that represents the work programme of BioKMT: 

a- Science network to address emergent topics in the field and how advances in science could improve the quality of life in MENA and Africa.

b- Societal development through science communication, science podcasts, opinion articles, and roundtable discussions that are open to the public. 

c- Personal development through providing a spectrum of programmes such as BioKMT Youth empowerment in science (YES), BioKMT women empowerment, and KMT young explorers.

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