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In 2012, the BioKMT Society launched the BioKMT Scholars Fund (BSF), inspired by the astonishing struggle and noble sacrifice made by our generation, we found ourselves obligied to walk for an extra mile for the nation's sake. The BSF has came to light by March 2012 to be the first (according to our knowledge) application-based fund run and developed by and for Egyptian Research Scholars.


How the BSF works?


The BSF is based on the simple idea that the BioKMT members (outside Egypt) donate a small amount of money (what is equivalent to £10 -£20 ) this sum of money is collected by the BioKMT Scholars Fund in Egypt. An application for Egyptian MSc and PhD Students is opened for 15-20 days to apply. The Applications are then reviewed by the BSF reviewing board team .Reviewing the applictions takes about 7 days .The successful applicant is informed shortly after by the amount of money allocated to him/her. Thereafter, the succesful applicant will then be able to buy and track down the laboratory consumables he/she wants in the research.   


The Story behind the 2nd BSF call:


The BioKMT Society is proudly announcing the opening of the 2nd BioKMT Scholars fund call under the title" Omar the sweetpotato boy"; a young innocent soul who we lost . Omar mentioned in an interview that people like him has no luxury to dare to dream, by such painful words, Omar left our world, leaving behind wounded hearts and wondering minds what we can do to honour him.


The 3rd BSF call: 


On the 28th of Febraury 2014, the BioKMT society has officially announced the opening of the BSF 3rd call for small grants upto (5000-6000L.E). Kindly, please fill in the application below after reading the guidelines and send them to


Previous winners:


The 1st BioKMT Scholars fund was awarded to Mustafa Mohamed el-Gharib, project title: Role of omega 3 fatty acids against Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma-induced hepatic and brain dysfunctions in irradiated mice.


The 2nd BioKMT Scholars fund "Omar the sweetpotato boy" was awarded to Fatma Abdulllah and Rehab Aly with project title " Assessment of the potential role of candidate genes that may be involved in Herceptin treatment resistance in breast cancer patients" and " Assessment of MicroRNAs as biomarkers for Hepatitis C Virus - associated Hepatocellular carcinoma in Egyptian Patients".



Who's Eligible and What to do:


1- Any Egyptian or Arab Male or Female Student doing his/her research based in Egypt.

2- There is no age limit.

3- Must be affliated to a research laboratory.

4-Must be enrolled in a degree program in any Egyptian University.


Kindly, Please download the guidelines read it very well and then download the application, fill it in and send it to


All the best 

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