Call to Volunteer @BioKMT is now open

Did you graduate from a science/ agriculture/ biomedical/biotechnology/pharmacy/veterinary school? Are you interested in joining and helping the BioKMT team in improving the bioscience research in Egypt? Then consider applying to one of our two open volunteer positions.


Position 1: Social media specialist


Responsibility: creating meaningful content on social media platforms, particularly Facebook  relevant to BioKMT interests and activities. The social media specialist will:

1- Publish semi-weekly (at least) posts relevant to BioKMT events and activities.

2- His/ her  responsibility will include but- not restricted- to choosing relevant scientific content form international scientific platforms  and diffusing them through BioKMT facebook page.

3- He/she will be responsible for monitoring the response to particular posts and the BioKMT pages in general in addition to promoting BioKMT mission and activities among other scientific and science-related communities.

4-Managing page and reply to emails.



Benefits for the recruited volunteers:

1- Gaining experience in the relevant tasks.

2- Becoming a member of BioKMT network of Egyptian scholars.

3- Attending all BioKMT events.

4- contributing to the advancement of scientific research in Egypt.


To apply:

1- Please download the application from below.


2-Attach CV and motivation letter should be sent to 20th April 2023


Shortlisted applicants will be notified within one week of the deadline for scheduling an interview with BioKMT board members.

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