Call to Volunteer @BioKMT is now open


The BioKMT Society for Advancement of Sciences is seeking five dedicated scientists from five different Egyptian governorates to volunteer at BioKMT. The BioKMT Society was established in November 2008 and is one of Egypt’s most dynamic non-governmental not-for-profit life science societies. Currently, the BioKMT society runs six projects that aim at building bridges between science stakeholders to translate this into improvements in the life sciences community in Egypt and the Middle East and North Africa region. Additionally, our vision is to decentralise science activities. We have noticed that a great percentage of the science activities are held in mainly Cairo and some in Alexandria. While we are always excited about organising science events, we feel that we need to expand our science activities across Egypt. 

In phase one, we will recruit five scientists, who are willing to organise at least one science event in their home governorate. The scientist will have BioKMT’s support and access to our vast network to assist in organising their event.  


 Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Bachelor's degree in a life sciences or life sciences-related field (Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, Agriculture, Biotechnology, etc) And a PhD in one of the life science fields (from Egypt or abroad).
  2. To have a proven track record of science publication (h index at least 4). 
  3. To have a well-established career in science in Egypt or abroad. 
  4. To have a good command of English and Arabic. 
  5. To be eager to organise at least one event a year including, including a one-day symposium, roundtable discussion, workshop, or seminar.
  6. Commitment, responsibility, and self-motivation.


  1. Propose a work plan and a timeline for the event to be organised. 
  2. Collaborate with BioKMT core members and associate members in organising the event. 
  3. Participate in organising other BioKMT events (if interested), and attend BioKMT meetings. 
  4. Contribute to Per-Ankh blogspot.
  5.  Participate in writing white and yellow papers. 

Benefits for Volunteers:

  1. Membership in the BioKMT Society as an associate member.
  2. Access to the BioKMT research network.
  3. Priority booking for attendance at BioKMT-organised events.
  4. Regional and international exposure through contributing to the development of the biological research community in the Middle East/North Africa.


If you are enthusiastic about this opportunity and eager to contribute to our projects, we encourage you to apply and join us in our mission to advance scientific discourse in our region.


 If you know someone who might be suitable for this position please share this announcement. 


Please note: The workload for each volunteer position will not exceed 5 hours per week.


Please download and fill-out the application below and send it to and cc 

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